Faculty member DAVID NAPIER- VOICE

A big portion of his focus in lessons is to reach deep into the song and bring meaning to each note you sing while enjoying the learning process.  David is currently playing music festivals and venues all over Kentucky with two bands, Driftwood Gypsy (multi genre featuring original compositions written by every member and an eclectic taste in their choices of cover), and The Baja Yetis ( dual genre group specializing in jazz standards and originals, and New Orleans influenced funk).  He also travels regionally as a solo act playing weddings and festival events.  Just recently David has ventured with Driftwood Gypsy outside of the Kentucky area as featured artists in North Carolina at the Asheville Music Hall, in West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana.

David is a working singer, songwriter, musician, and educator.  He started singing live and in competitions at the state level at the age of eight.  He has studied under the instruction and influence of Beth Pope through Western Kentucky University and has chosen to continue lessons with Ron Browning, international vocal instructor with the jazz workshop of Nashville.
For more than ten years David has been teaching voice.  Teaching one-on-one and groups starting from beginner students to intermediate students at almost any age from early childhood to adulthood and beyond.His emphasis is in stage presence as well as applied theory and technique to begin finding your own voice.  

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