Are you interested in music lessons but are concerned about social distancing and safe sanitary practices?  Then you should try live video lessons at LEXINGTON MUSIC EDUCATION!  Learn your favorite instrument, follow your passion, help your children to become AWESOME musicians all from the safety and convenience of your home!       

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     At Lexington Music Education our number one concern is the safety and well being our students and staff.  Prior to June 1 we are voluntarily choosing to not do one on one in person classes but all of our clients are still able to participate in live video lessons.  You'll need a quiet space, a pencil, an instrument and an internet connection, and that is about it!  We use the following live video platforms for lessons- Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime and Facebook Messenger.  
     Our students and teachers are having SO MUCH FUN with this new way of learning!  Parents are happy because classes are taught in the safety of the home.  Parents can monitor the interactions between their child and the instructor.  Students are receiving tons of downloads to use in lessons and our students are learning new skills in ways they never thought possible.
     Sound great?  That's because it is!  But don't take our word for it, CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO of a student performance remotely recorded during a video lesson.  

These happy people are all members of the remote learning community at Lexington Music Education!