Click the link below  to download the registration form for ROCK SCHOOL! program for the Fall of 2024.  Once we have received your registration form you will be contacted by the staff at LME to set your class schedule for class for the semester.

Performance Opportunities

LME student performing

at a central Kentucky venue in Harrodsburg.

Makeup lessons for missed classes are scheduled at the discretion of the instructor for each class.  If there is a weather emergency and class is cancelled a makeup lesson will be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor.  Expect additional rehearsals to be scheduled as the program nears conclusion and students are preparing for the  performance.


The tuition for participation on ROCK SCHOOL! program is as follows:
     There is a $10.00 registration fee.  This pays for  class materials and the clerical work necessary to arrange schedules and place your child in class.  This money is also used to fund cash prizes for the battle of the bands event at the end of class.     Tuition for class is $110.00 per month.  Participants will have the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis at the first class meeting of each month. Participants may also pay for  the entire class at the beginning of the semester.  If you register prior to August 15, 2024 we will waive the registration fee!  All payments are final once received, there are no refunds.  Submitting payment constitutes an agreement to participate and pay for the spring

LME students performing at the Living Arts & Science Center

LME students performing

at Keeneland racetrack.

The culmination of the ROCK SCHOOL! program is a performance event at a local venue.  Sometimes this event is a Battle Of the Bands event.  Band Battles feature each band in a performance of their best songs.  There are cash prizes for the winning bands as well as awards for best player on each instrument such as lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums etc...  More information about this event be made available as the date of the performance draws near. 

     Additional performance opportunities will be made available to ROCK SCHOOL! students while they are participating in the program.  In the past students who have participated in classes at Lexington Music Education have performed throughout the central Kentucky area.  One of our missions at LME is to provide students with opportunities to play out, have fun and make some money doing the work.  Since the program's inception there have been performance opportunities for LME students and bands at places like Orange Leaf Romany Road, Artsplace, Cosmic Charlie's music venue, Willie's Locally Known music venue, Brick Oven Pizzeria, The S-E-C Pub, Al's Bar, Tadoo Lounge, Octoberfest in Harrodsburg Kentucky, The Kentucky State Fair and Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse in Harrodsburg, just to name a few of the venues where our students have played! Check our upcoming events page to see a partial list of these events.  Plan on similar type events for those students participating in rock band class for foreseeable future.  It really is all about getting LME students out and playing in front of an audience!


The FALL 2024 program will consist of 14 class sessions and a performance, running through the months of September, October, November & December  of 2024 starting Tuesday September 2nd and ending on Friday December 13th. All classes last for 45 minutes once a week and are scheduled Sunday through Thursday evenings and afternoons.   Participants only come to one 45 minute class per week.  Scheduling is done to fit the schedule of students.  Once students have registered for class then a class time is selected to fit the schedule of all participating band members.  If you are interested in participating in The Rock School! program your specific class time will be set once you register.  Every effort will be made to find a class time which is amenable to all students participating in the band.   
The end of the semester concert event will  be in the early afternoon on  Saturday December 14th, 2024 at a local family friendly business/venue. 

 Most bands consist of young persons from the age of early elementary school to high- schoolers and beyond.  Students are placed in class according to their age and skill level.  This grouping and placement is essential to develop a cohesive social unit out of the band.  Parents should rest assured their third grader will not be placed in a band with high school kids and vice-versa.
Lexington Music Education will provide the rehearsal space for the bands.  LME also provides amplification for three guitarists in each band, amplification for a bassist, a drum set, a keyboard and a P.A. for lead and backup vocals.  Guitarists and bassists will need to bring their instrument to each class. Please come to class with your instrument tuned.  Tuning prior to rehearsal saves valuable rehearsal time.

 Each band will rehearse a number of songs with the guidance of the faculty members at LME.  Typically each band will learn one to two songs a month but some bands have learned more and other bands have learned fewer.  This depends largely on the motivation and skill level of the student participants.  The culmination of The Rock School! program is a performance at a local venue.  In the past this event has been held at such venues as Brick Oven Pizza, Natasha's Cafe, the S-E-C Pub, Rock House Brewing, Al's Bar and Willies Locally Known as well as other local venues. Expect a standing room only crowd for this event!

Class Description

The ROCK SCHOOL! program is a small ensemble course of instruction for musicians who wish to experience all the facets of playing, rehearsing and performing with a real rock band.  Each band consists of three or more musicians.  The typical lineup of a band is rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass and drums with someone in the band also covering vocals.  Occasionally a true dedicated vocalist is used as well.  Other instruments can be added to any band, players on all instruments are welcome to participate in rock band class.  In the past some of the bands who have participated in the ROCK SCHOOL! program have had keyboard players, fiddle players, pedal steel guitarists and auxilliary percussion players.

    Anyone can participate in a band as long as they have minimal skills on their instrument.  If you are interested in this activity but do not have any musical training then you should consider a month of two of lessons on your instrument at Lexington Music Education.  Click here if you are interested in private lessons.  With just a little training you'll be ready to play with a band  in no time!

 Do you want to play in a band?  Does your child want to play in a band?  Are you tired of the limited options in school music programs? You know, boring instruments, no cool music, stiff necked instruction with uptight, uninspiring, dull and  limited performance opportunities?  If you or your child are tired of being a frustrated musician and want to ROCK then you should participate in ROCK SCHOOL! for the FALL of 2024 at Lexington Music Education!  Scroll down for all the details.

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